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Adding a citation reference Mind Maps

Easily log references for your academic work and research by using citations on your branches. Exclusive to Ayoa Ultimate.

Use your mind map to log and keep track of your growing bibliography as you research and write papers. Any citations will be included when exporting the mind map as a word document.


1. Open your mind map.

Open your mind map in Ayoa


2. Click on the branch, then choose the attachment icon from the toolbar.

Select a branch and click attachments


You can also right-click on the branch to access the context menu.

Right click on a branch and choose attachments


3. The attachment options will open in the side panel, where you can click on the citations tab.

Attachments popup


4. You can choose from a selection of options that will enter the citation information automatically for you.

Choose citation type

Or you can opt to manually enter in the data yourself in the reference style you require. 

Fill in the details of your citation

5. If you opt for a pre-set source, you just need to enter the code of of your source, then click Cite.

Add an isbn as a preset source


6. All the information will be pre-populated for you. You can make adjustments to the citation including the reference style before clicking Save to add the citation to your branch.

Citation will automatically populate press save


7. The citation will now be added as an attachment.

Your newly added citation appears