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Adding an image to Whiteboard iOS and Android

Keep your whiteboard engaging by adding images to help inspire you. Search for a royalty-free image in the Unsplash library or upload one of your own


Adding an Image

1. Open the whiteboard menu by tapping on the + sign.

Click the plus icon


2. Tap on the image icon.

Tap on the image icon in the toolbar


3. Choose how you wish to search for your image. In this example we will choose 'search unsplash.com'.

Choose an image source


4.  In Unsplash image search you can search for keywords and find a stock free image.

Searching in Unsplash's image library


5. Tap on the image you want to add it to the canvas.

Tap on the image to add it to your canvas


6. To give the image a caption, tap on it then tap on the comment icon below it:

Give your image a caption


7. Enter the comment then tap 'send'.

Entering caption text


8. Your comment will be added to the image.

Your caption is added to the image


9. You will be able to see if a comment is added to an image by the icon underneath the image.


Caption comment icon on image