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Adding Attachments to Branches.

Learn how to add attachments of any kind to branches in Ayoa's mobile app

Attach files to tasks and keep all work-related items together in one easily accessible workspace. 

1. First select the branch and tap on the attachment icon.

Select a branch and tap the attachments icon


2. This will open window where you can add files.

Attachments window


3.  You will be prompted tap to browse your device for the file you wish to attach. Once uploaded, the file will appear underneath.

The attachments appear in the branch details

4. This will be represented by a paperclip icon on the branch. Tap on the paper clip icon to go straight to the attachments tab in the branch editor.

Paperclip attachment icon appears on the branch


5. To delete an attachment, simply tap the 3 dot icon next to the attachment you want to delete.

To delete an attachment first select the more menu


Then tap Delete.

Deleting branch attachments


6. You will then be asked to confirm your decision in a pop-up. Tap Yes, delete attachment'

Are you sure you want to delete attachements