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Adding Branches to your Map - Android and iOS

Learn how to add branches to your mind map on iOS and Android.

1. Tap on the central idea and a green '+' icon will appear on either side of the central idea. Choose one of these '+' icons depending on which direction you want your branch to go in, to add a new branch.

Tap your mind map's central idea

2. A text box will appear allowing you to name the branch. Tap 'Add Branch' when done. 

Enter text into the box


3. Tap 'Done' on the keyboard to view your new branch on the canvas.

A new mind map branch is created

Adding Children Branches

There are two ways for adding child branches.


1. You can tap on the parent branch and click on the '+' icon.

Add child branches to build hierarchy


2. The other option is to tap on a branch and click on the paintbrush icon ( The first icon on the formatting menu)

Format the look of your branches

In the formatting Window, tap 'Children'.

Change the shape color and style of your Ayoa mind map branches

Here you can quickly add child branches to the same parent branch.

Quickly add child branches

Tap on the blue + icon.

Tap the blue icon to add


Type in the branch name and when finished, tap 'Save and close' to move on to the next child branch.

Adding child branches


To quickly format the Child branch on that list, double-tap on it. This will open the formatting menu. 

You can continue adding children branches, to that child branch by tapping on the 'Children' tab.

To return to the map, tap on the arrow key to navigate back.

You will now see all the branches you have added and formatted on the canvas.