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Adding Images in Mind Maps

A picture speaks a thousand words; add images to your mind map branches.

Adding Cover Images to Box Branches:

When using the box branches, images are added within the text box.

1. Right-click with your mouse on the branch you would like to add an image to. This will open the context menu with different options.

Right click on a mind map branch to open its contextual menu

2. Choose Add and then the Image option.

Choose add - image and pick what type


3. The image options are:

  • Search for a Royalty free image ( Unsplash)
  • Upload an image from your own device
  • Use the AI assistant
  • Use an Emoji as an image
  • Images saved in Clipboard 
The image options


4. If you choose the Royalty free option, you will then be prompted to type in a keyword. Click Search and hit Enter on your keyboard when done. You will see a list of stock images appear based on your search entry.

Search unsplash for free high quality images


5. Once selected, the image will be added to your branch.

An image on a box branch


6. To add an image from your computer, click Upload. This will then open a new window prompting you to drag and drop or click to add an image from your computer.

Drag an image from you computer to upload it


7.  You can then choose what section of the cover image you would like to show on your branch. Click Create when done.

Choose image from your computer.


8. To add emoji as an image, click on the Emoji option and select one from the list.

Selecting emoji as an image


9. Once the image position in the box branch is selected, emoji will be added to the branch.

Emoji added to the box branch.


10. To add an image from a Clipboard, right-click on the chosen image on your computer and click the From Clipboard option. This will open a window with the image edit settings.

Uploading image from clipboard

Adding images using AI

With the help of AI, you can generate images and add them to your branches.

1.To start, right-click on the branch, choose Add option and then Image followed by AI.

Add AI generated image to your mind maps directly in Ayoa


2. The box will be shown where you can choose the type of image and the subject.

Selecting image type within AI image picker.


Editing Images in box branches

You can edit an image in the box branch by clicking on the image and, in the top toolbar, selecting the Edit Image option. You will then have a pop-up window where you can change the position of the image within the box branch. The edit options in the top toolbar.


Adding Images in the Mind Map Style

When you add an image in the Mind Map style the image is added on the canvas next to the branch.

1.  Select the branch and right-click with your mouse to open context menu. Choose Add and then Image

You can add images to  branches in Ayoa


2.  Choose to either upload your own image from your device, search for a royalty free image, use AI or add an emoji as an image, or use the copied image from the Clipboard.

Choose how you would like to add an image


3. Search for and select your image. 

Search unsplash for an image


4. The image will now be added next to the branch.

Organic branch images will appear above

5.  Use the green arrows to rotate your image. Use the dots at the corners of the image to make it bigger or smaller.

Scale and rotate the image


6. You can drag the image around the map. 

Click and drag the image corners to scale


Adding images using top toolbar menu.

To add an image to a branch or box branch, you also can use the top toolbar menu.
All you need to do is click on the chosen branch, select plus icon and choose the type of image you would like to add.

Click edit in the top toolbar to add or change an image


Removing image from the branch/box branch

To remove an image from the branch, click on the branch and the select the Remove Image option in the top tool bar.

The remove image option in the top toolbar.

Alternatively, right-click on the branch and select Remove Image from the context menu.

The remove image option in the context menu.


To remove the image from the box branch, click on the box branch and select Edit Image in the top toolbar. You will see the pop-up with image positions and the Remove option. 

The Remove button in the Edit image section