Adding Members to a Team Subscription

Get your team set up quickly and easily in your plan member account with this guide.

When you purchase an Ayoa Plan subscription, you are able to distribute licences to colleagues, family and friends in an instant. To get your team set up on your subscription plan, you'll need access your plan member account settings.

First, click on the menu.

Then in the menu options click on "Plan Members".

You can also access your account settings by clicking the link below:

Once your account preferences have loaded, select the Ayoa Plan tab from the left menu. 

From here, you will be able to add members to your plan by clicking on "Add Plan Members". In your Ayoa Plan settings, you can see how many invites you have left and exactly who is on your plan.

If the person you've invited doesn't have an Ayoa account, they will receive an email informing them of the invite and they will be asked to set up an Ayoa account.

Users that have an existing account will receive an in-app notification inviting them to the team. 

If they have a trial that's expired the invite will show on the expiry screen:

Users who receive an invite will get the option to choose to accept or reject the invitation.

To delete a member or revoke the invitation, click the box next to the name, then click "Delete Member".

Adding team members using a CSV file

If you have a large amount of contacts to invite to your team, you have the option to import a CSV file containing the email addresses you want to invite. Don't worry if there is other data in the spreadsheet, as long as the email addresses are in one column, you will be able to choose which column you want to import.

1. Click "Add Plan Members" in the Ayoa Plan settings.

2. Click "Upload". 

3. You will now be prompted to either drag and drop the CSV file or click and search your device for the file.

4. Once you have upload the file, you will be able to see the different columns in your CSV file. Click on the column that contains the email addresses, then click "Add x emails from column x"

5. Check the emails are correct, then click "Add x plan members".

6. Once the invitations are sent, they will show as pending until they accept the invite.