Adding Tasks to Gantt Timeline View

 Ayoa gives you the flexibility to adjust your deadlines and priorities with one simple move. By moving your tasks along the timeline, your due dates will automatically update to reflect your actions.


Adding an Existing Task to the Timeline

 To add an existing task in your Task Board to timeline view you have two options:

You can add a task to the timeline directly on the canvas.

1. Locate a task in the list on the left-hand side that has not been added to the timeline yet.

2. Using the scroll bars, navigate to the point on the timeline where you would like to that task.

3. On the timeline, ensuring that you are parallel to that task, hold and drag the cursor from your desired start date, then drag the task to the proposed due date and let go. 

4. This will add the task to the timeline

You can also manually enter the details using the start and due dates in the task details. 

1. Click on the task to open the task details.

2. Add a start date by clicking on "No Start date". 

Then choose a date from the calendar and click done. 

3. Then add a due date by clicking "No Due Date".

 Then choose a date from the calendar and click done.

4. This will automatically add the task to the timeline. 

Adding a New Task to Gantt Timeline View

There are different ways to add a task to the Gantt Timeline. You can add a task directly onto the timeline view so that you choose the start and due dates straight away. Alternatively, you can add a task in the task list

Adding a Task directly to the Timeline:

1. Underneath the last task on the timeline click and drag from your proposed start date to due date.

2. You will then be able to choose the name of the task, pick the category from the drop-down menu, and change the start and due dates if necessary.

3. Select "Add" when you are happy with the details.

4. The task will now be added to both the task list on the left-hand side and on the timeline.

Adding a Task to the Task list.

1.  You can either add a new task by selecting "New" at the top of the task list and then select "New Task"

2. Or you can add a task by double-clicking at the bottom of the category where you want to add the task.

3. You can then choose the task name, add or change the category and choose the Start and Due Date. The Start and Due date will be automatically set to today and tomorrow. Click on each of them to choose dates from the calendar.

4. The Task will now be added to both the Task List and the Timeline.

Moving the Tasks Along the Timeline.

It's quick and easy to move your tasks along the timeline.

1. To move the task along the timeline, click in the centre of the task, hold, and drag it to a new location.

2. This will automatically update the start and due dates within the task.

3. You can also move the task by opening the task detail and updating the start and due dates.

4. This will automatically move the task across the timeline. Tasks can only be placed in complete days, not half days. 

Adjusting Task Time

You can quickly adjust the start date and due date of a task on the timeline.

1. Click or hover over the task that you wish to adjust.

2. Hover over the start or end of the task until you can see two arrows.

3. Drag the task backwards or forward to reduce or increase the duration of the task.

4. Release the cursor to apply the changes.

Adding Task Details

You can add all the same details to your task as you can in Workflow and Canvas View.

Click on the task on the timeline to open the task detail panel.

Updating the progress bar will visually show on the task on the timeline. 

To find out more about the task detail panel, please click here