Adjusting the View in Gantt Timeline

Gantt Timeline makes it easy for you to view and schedule your unplanned tasks alongside tasks already in your timeline. So, you can see your full workload and not just your current priorities.


Hide Unscheduled Tasks

 You can also hide your unplanned tasks with the click of a button if you wish to hone in on your current priorities.  

1. Tasks that do not have Start or Due dates will show in your task list, but will not be added to your Timeline. They are called unscheduled tasks. 

2. If you wish to hide unscheduled tasks from your task list first click on the Display Options icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3.  In the pop-up menu, set "Show unscheduled" option to OFF

4. Any tasks that have not been assigned a start or due date will be hidden from the task list.

5. To show unscheduled tasks, go back to the Display Options and set "Show unscheduled" to ON

Adjust Time Scale Using Zoom

Using the zoom tool you can choose which time scale you wish to view your timeline in. Use the day to day timescale to focus on your daily priorities, or zoom out to view your timeline at a weekly, monthly, quarters or years timescale to get an overview of your whole project.

1. When you first create a Gantt Timeline, the standard time scale view is days. If you would prefer to view your tasks a weekly, monthly or even an annual time scale then navigate to the - and + icons in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

2. Click the - to zoom out to your preferred time scale.






3. To go back to the daily time scale, click + until it reverts. 

Show Completed Tasks

Completed tasks will show on your Gantt Timeline depending on your "Load all completed tasks" preferences. If you have opted to never display completed tasks on your task boards, you can choose to view them within the timeline without affecting your overall settings. 

1. To show completed tasks on the timeline, click on the Board Options icon in the top right corner.

2. Select "Load all completed tasks".

3. Any completed tasks will now show on the timeline.