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Archiving Tasks

In the Archived Tasks View, you can review all past achievements in one place, making performance reviews effortless.


In order for you to remain focused on your priorities and the progress of your Task Board, completed tasks that you mark as archived will be removed from the Canvas, Workflow and Calendar views and appear in the Archived Tasks View.

Archiving Completed Tasks. 

To archive a task, open a completed task and click "Archive". The task will be removed from the board.

 To unarchive a task, change the status to completed, in progress, on hold or no status. The Task will reappear within the Task Board that it was originally created in.

Auto-Archive option

If you do not want your completed tasks to remain visible on the task board, you can set completed tasks to automatically archive as soon as the tasks are marked as completed.

To set your completed tasks to automatically archive, please open your app settings by navigating to the Menu, then Settings, then App Settings.

In the app settings you will have the option to auto-archive tasks.

Click "Yes" next to "Automatically archive tasks on completion. 

All tasks completed once this option is enabled will be automatically archived. It will not affect pre-existing tasks, you will still need to manually archive those completed tasks. 

There are two Archived Tasks views:

1. Task Board Archived Tasks

2. My Archived Tasks

Task Board Archived Tasks

1. To view Archived Tasks for a specific Task Board, simply select the Archived  in the Display Options which can be found within the drop-down menu situated in the top right-hand corner of the Board header.

2. All of the completed Tasks that have ever been archived within the Board will be displayed over time.  The most recently Completed Tasks will show first, and as you scroll down, older completed tasks will be displayed.

My Archived Tasks

1. Archived completed Tasks from across all of your Task Boards will appear in the Archived Tasks view. You can access this via the Menu and click 'View Archived"

2. Within Archived Tasks tab, the most recently completed tasks will show first, and as you scroll down, older completed tasks will be displayed.

3. In each of the Archived Tasks views, you may click on a task to bring out the Task sidebar. Here, you will see the Task attributes and all of the activity and history for the Task.