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Attach Files to Tasks

Attach files to tasks and keep all work-related items together in one easily accessible workspace


On the web-app, there is the option to upload from Dropbox or Google Drive. This option is not available in desktop, but if you have Google File Stream or synced Dropbox folders on your device you can attach files through those folders. Please check their website more information on how to set-up synced folders on your device. 


Attaching a file to a task

1. Select the task that you would like to attach a file to.

2. Then, select the PAPERCLIP icon to open the Files tab. 

3. Here you can either drag and drop files on to the task or upload them from your computer. 

4. Once the file has uploaded it will appear within the File tab. 

5. If you upload an image file, you will see the option to make it a cover image for that task.

6. Additionally, you can also add web links. To add a web link type or paste the link.

7. Then tap done. You can add multiple links.

8. If there is an attachment in a task you will see the paperclip 

Attaching files to comments

Files can also be uploaded directly to comments that are made on tasks. 

Open the comment tab, then click on the paper clip icon to open the attachment options. 


Add the web-link or attachment, then type your comment.

Hit "Send" to add your comment and attachment to the comment thread.