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Attach Files- iOS and Android

Attach files to tasks and keep all work related items together in one easily accessible work space.

Attaching a file to a task

1. To add a file to a task, select the task that you'd like to edit.


2. Once open, choose the attachment icon in the top menu.


3. There, choose the plus button to add the attachment.


4. A pop-up menu will appear asking from what location you would like to add your file. 


5. Once the file is chosen it will be attached to the task, other team members will be able to view and download the file by tapping on it.

6. To remove the file, simply click on the X next to the file.

Attaching files to comments

1. Files can also be uploaded directly to comments that are made on tasks. As the first step, simply open the comment section on the given task.

2. Once the tab is open, simply type in the 'Add a comment' section.

3. Then, to add an attachment to the comment, tap the attachment icon to bring up the file browse options and choose the file.


4. Once the file has been selected, you will see it under the comment, to send the comment with the file, please click on the tick icon.

5. It will be visible and accessible to download by anyone in the Task Board.