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Ayoa and GTD ®

How you can use the popular productivity method 'Getting Things Done'® in Ayoa.

One of the most famous productivity techniques ever known is Getting Things Done (GTD ® ), based on the best-selling book of the same name by productivity consultant David Allen. The GTD® method promotes two key elements of task management – control and perspective. It follows a process that turns your tasks into real, actionable items or things you can just get rid of.

With GTD®, projects are different from tasks. A Task Board represents a high-level outcome or results which involve multiple steps to achieve, and a task represents the actions or steps needed to complete a Task Boards. In Ayoa, main Task Boards can be broken down into separate Categories to reflect the type of Tasks that are awaiting attention.

Ayoa Task Boards


Preferably, all your tasks should be organized by the place or context in which they can be done, or the set of tools available (e.g. @Office, @Calls, @Meetings, @Emails, @Home). You could also include a ‘Waiting For’ category for when an action has been delegated to someone else, or when you’re waiting for some external event before a task board can be moved forward. A ‘Someday/Maybe’ category is also handy to store things to be done at some point, but not right now.

Task Boards


In Ayoa, you can use Tags to further clarify the context of your tasks and enable better Filtering so you can work on targeted groups of actions at a time. You’re easily able to off-load what needs to get done from your head or Inbox into Ayoa, and take an inventory to determine whether each item is actionable of not. If a task isn't actionable, remove it from your task board. If you decide that it needs action taken upon, consider whether you will:

-Do it now: (if it takes less than 2 minutes)

-Schedule it: Add a Due Date to prioritize and monitor the task in your Planner.

-Delegate it: Use the Assign Task feature to assign it to someone else.

-Put it in the Soon board of your Planner: Keep an eye on this board every month or so.

To ensure things keep moving, engage in periodic reviews (at least once a week) to streamline and update your tasks, always focusing on the next logical actions. Once set up, the GTD® method combined with Ayoa is the ideal system to help you pull everything together in an organized fashion so you can knock out tasks quickly.


If you’d like some help with using 'GTD® in Ayoa, get in touch at support@Ayoa.com and we'll do all we can to assist.


GTD® and Getting Things Done ® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.