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Ayoa and Kanban

With a unique approach to project life cycle management, see how Kanban's highly visual method facilitates the flow of tasks across one Task Board.

By allowing you to map out each stage of your project cycle, 'Kanban' allows tasks to flow through stages with ease. This method of working is great for keeping the big picture in sight as you can clearly see what you have to do right now, what's coming up and what you've just completed.

Kanban Board

Visualizing your Workflow

Ayoa's Workflow is inspired by the Kanban style way of working for maximizing productivity and limiting work in progress. The Workflow Board presents tasks within organized vertical swim-lanes that are easy to switch between, keeping you in full control of your workload as you progress through 'Do', 'Doing' and 'Done' stages with your tasks. This can also work for processes such as Auditing, with columns like 'Planning', 'Assessment', 'Reporting' and 'Follow-up'. If you're writing a blog, you could set up columns such as 'Writing', 'Editing', 'Proofing'. And if you're in the process of launching a new product, your columns might differ and be based on different marketing activities such as 'Advertising', 'PR' and 'Events'.

Benefits of Kanban in Ayoa

  • Planning flexibility: easily rearrange tasks via drag and drop and re-position within different categories.
  • Focus on continuous delivery: progress at a steady pace and transition from 'to-do' to 'done'.
  • Increased efficiency: gain an instant view on progress with structured columns for each stage of the Task Board cycle.

Limit what you take on

A big advantage of Kanban is that it helps you avoid taking on too much in one go. When using this technique, you should think of your Task Board as progressing through individual stages. If one column begins to pile up, then you know that you have too much on your plate. By keeping a tight reign on your workload, you'll be able to focus on the to-dos that matter the most.

We have created a free Kanban template for you to use. Please click here to find out more about to use it.