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Ayoa and The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Urgent/Important Matrix is a visual approach that makes prioritization simple.This technique can be applied in Ayoa using Urgency and importance flags.

What is The Eisenhower Matrix?

Famously referenced by Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this technique divides your tasks into four quadrants along an XY axis, based on their level of Urgency and/or Importance.


Take note of the image below and use this to examine your work in Ayoa. This method will help you to plan and prioritize around your most important and high-value tasks, so they don't get crowded out by unnecessary work or sudden distractions. Take your LinkedIn profile, for example. This may not be a pressing requirement right now but updating it will most definitely affect your career in the long term. With the Eisenhower Matrix, you get a better grasp of which tasks need to be done right away, which ones can be put off or ignored, and which ones can be delegated to someone else.

Eisenhower Matrix

Using 'The Eisenhower Matrix' in Ayoa

If you're looking for ways to color code levels of task Importance and Urgency, then the Ayoa flag and lightening bolt icons will do just the thing. With 3 levels (Normal to very high) of Importance and Urgency, you're able to best determine the tasks that require your immediate attention. The color-coded flags will help you identify all of your most critical tasks with a single glance.

Eisenhower Matrix

The concept can be further enhanced by applying Filters to each of the Importance and Urgent attributes, so you can focus on the tasks that are the most crucial to completing your overall Task Boards.

If you’d like some help with implementing The Eisenhower Matrix method in Ayoa, contact us here  and we'll do all that we can to assist.