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Ayoa Tier Plans: Ultimate, Task and Mind Mapping

Understand Ayoa's three tier plans to meet your individual or team needs with this quick guide.

Our Ayoa Ultimate is our premier plan, perfect for power users and large teams. This subscription includes all of our integrations and premium features. 

The Ayoa Task plan only includes the task boards view. This is for individuals or teams who only want to create task boards projects. Ayoa Task does not include Gantt timeline view as this is an Ultimate exclusive feature. 

The Ayoa Mind Mapping plan only includes the mind mapping view. This is for individuals who only want to create mind maps. Ayoa Mind Mapping does not include presentation mode as this is an Ultimate exclusive feature. 

You can view the up to date full feature list of each pricing plan on our pricing page


FAQ for existing Ayoa subscribers

I'm an existing Ayoa user, my plan has changed to legacy, what does this mean?

As an existing user on our legacy pricing you will keep access to all the features you have always had. The price of your subscription will remain the same at renewal. 

If I'm on a legacy plan, do I need to change to a new plan?

If you are happy with your features you don't need to do anything. If you want to upgrade to the Ultimate plan you can do this is your account settings here 

Will my legacy plan change when I  automatically renew?

No, when you automatically renew your plan will be at the price you signed up for when you purchased your original subscription.

How can I try all the features?

We offer a 7 day free trial of Ayoa Ultimate so that you can try all the features.  Please sign up for a 7 day free trial on our website