Ayoa White board present mode

In White board present mode you choose what you want to present and the order in which they are presented. Available on the web-app and desktop app.

White Board Present mode


Communicate your ideas to your team or stakeholders by creating a dynamic presentation. 

Create a White Board Presentation

1. Open your White Board.

2. Click on "Present" located on the white toolbar.

3. This activate the present mode. If the present button is highlighted blue, this means you are in present mode.

3. To add an element to your presentation, click on the element then click "+Add" in the presenter menu.

4. You can add individual elements, or you can add a whole section display all the contents in one slide.

5. Rearrange the presentation by dragging and dropping the items up or down the list.

6. You can adjust how zoomed in or out a slide is by clicking on it in the list, then adjusting the bounding box around it.


7. To delete an element from the list, click the x next to the elements name.

8. To delete all the elements in your presentation to start the process again, click on the 3 dot menu, then click "clear all".

Start Presenting

 1. Once you have created the presentation you can access it at any time by clicking on present.

2. Click on "Start presenting" to begin the presentation.

3. This will open up additional presentation options.

4. You can reduce the size of the menu by clicking on this button.

5. This will reduce the menu and hide it when it's not in use.

6. To maximise the menu, click on the icon again.

7. To make the presentation full screen and hide the other menus, click the full screen button.

8.     The main toolbar will be hidden.

9. To come out of full screen mode, click on the full screen button again.

10.  The live share button will allow team members added to the board to focus on the different elements being displayed in the presentation from their own Ayoa account. 

11. To navigate through the different slides, use the directional keys.

   Full Size menu:

Minimised menu:

12. You can also use the directional buttons on keyboard to navigate through the presentation.

13. To end the presentation, click "Stop presenting". Your slides will be saved and you can re-start your presentation at any time.