Ayoa whiteboard sticky notes

Sticky notes allow you to capture ideas, comments, and captions on your whiteboard.  Choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to meet the mood of your whiteboard and simply drag, drop and type to quickly share your ideas.



It's easy to adjust the size of your sticky notes; large sticky notes are perfect for summarising and sharing information, whilst small sticky notes make effective notes for quick actions or feedback.

How to create sticky notes

1. Open the Whiteboard, then click on this icon at the top of the toolbar.

2. Choose the shape and color of the note.

3. Then simply drag and drop your chosen style sticky note to your whiteboard. You can also click on the note and then click on the canvas.

4. Double click on the text to bring up the formatting tool.

* To create a new line press Shift+Enter 

5. Increase and decrease the size of the note by dragging the bottom right-hand corner of the note in and out.

6. To stop anyone else making edits to your note, you can lock it. To unlock the note please chose None in the same menu.

7. To delete the notes simply hit backspace, the delete key, or click delete in the notes settings.

Creating collections of notes

If you have lots of notes that are related to each other, you can create a collection that can be collapsed or expanded at any time by simply dragging and dropping notes on top of each other.

1. Create multiple sticky notes, they can be different sizes, colors, and styles.

2. Drag one note on top of another

3. You will now see that the individual notes will now be replaced by a stacked collection.

4. Click on the collection to view all the notes.

5. To rename the collection, double click the name "collection" and replace it with your chosen title. Hit enters on the keyboard to confirm.

6. Click on the blue + icon to add new notes to the collection.

7. To remove notes, drag the notes out of the collection back to the whiteboard canvas.

8. To delete a collection of notes, click on the 3 dot menu and click "delete"- WARNING, this will delete all the notes contained within the collection and cannot be undone. Please ensure that you have dragged any notes that you wish to keep back onto the canvas before deleting them.

9. To prevent the collection from being moved or edited, click on the 3 dot menu and click "lock". Click " None" to edit or move the collection


How do I move sticky notes?

Simply drag and drop and your sticky note anywhere on the whiteboard

How many sticky notes can I add?

If you have an Ayoa pro or Ayoa ultimate plan, you have no limits to how many sticky notes you can add to a whiteboard.

If you have a free basic plan you will be limited to 50 elements in total. One note would be one element, a collection of 5 notes will be 5 elements. 

How do I change the color of a sticky note?

Click on the paintbrush icon in the toolbar, choose the 'Notes' button and then click a color on the palette.