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Board Headers

With Board Headers you can quickly change from Mind Map to Document or Task Board.

Switching boards using board headers


Changing boards

1. To change the board within your mind map, please open your chosen map.

View of the mind map


2. In the top menu, next to the mind map name, you have board headers.

View of the board headers next to mind map name


3. To change the mind map to the document view, click on the document icon.

the document icon


4. Your mind map will be then shown in the document format.

The document view


5. To go open the task board connected to your mind map, please click on the tick icon.

The tick icon


6. This will open the task board that is connected to your mind map.

The task board view


7. To go back to the mind map, you can click on the mind map icon.

The mind map icon.