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Freehand mode and Control points in Mind Map View

You can shape your branches using Freehand mode or, even further, with control points. This is especially effective when you want to make more creative and playful maps.


Freehand and Control Points are available only in the Mind Map view.

When in the Speed Map view, these won't be shown, and you would need to change to Mind Map view in the Display Options in the map's Settings ( bottom left corner).  

Freehand Mode

1. To switch to the Freehand mode, first open a mind map ( Mind Map view). 

View of the full map.


2. In the top toolbar, click on the branch draw tool.

3. From the drop-down menu, select Freehand.

4. With this option, you can now drag the cursor along the canvas and the branch will follow. 

*To use Freehand with box branches, press Shift and then draw the branch.


Control Points

1. To enable control points, go to the Settings in the bottom left corner of the map and set Auto-Layout to OFF.


2. When hovering or clicking on the branch, you will see a dot the same colour as the branch.


3. To change the shape of the branch, simply click on the dot and move to the chosen position.


4. To add more dots, hold the Shift button and click on the branch. Each time you click a new dot will be added.


5. To remove dots, hold Shift and click on the dots you wish to remove.