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Converting a Task to a Category

A task that is larger than first expected can be converted into a category with the 'Converting a Task to a Category' feature.

Converting a Task to a Category:

1. To convert a task to a category, first select the task that you would like to convert. Once selected, the task sidebar will open.

2. Once open, click on the"More" tab situated in the top header bar of the task. 

3. A menu will then appear. From the list of options provided, select 'Convert to category' to convert your task into a category.

4. A window will then appear asking you to confirm your decision. Click OK  to continue.

5. Once confirmed, your task will appear as a category. When the task becomes a category, any comments, attachments, urgency markers etc will be removed. Any checklist items that were in the task, will become individual tasks in the new category. To add a task to the category, simply double click in the category circle or drag tasks into it from other categories. To learn more about creating tasks, click here.