Creating a Category in Gantt Timeline View

Categories in Gantt will help you easily organize your tasks so that you can see what needs to be done.


Adding a new Category

1. Click New at the top of the task list.

Click new at top of your Ayoa task list


2. In the drop-down menu click New Category.

Click new category.


3. You will now be able to choose the category name and colour.

Choose your category name and colour


4.  Click Add, the category will now appear at the bottom of your task list. 

Click add


5. Any tasks that are added to the category will be the same colour.

Tasks added to your chosen category will be same colour


Moving Categories

1. To move a category, click the title so that it is highlighted. 

Click title


2. Drag and drop the category to a new location in the task list.

Drag and drop category into your chosen task list


3. The tasks will be automatically moved with the category.

Tasks will automatically move


Editing Category

1. To edit a category, click on the pencil icon next to the task name.

Click pencil icon to edit category


2. This will open the options allowing to change the name and the colour of the category.

Customise the name and colour of your category


3. Click the pencil next to the text to start editing, click the tick when done. 

Click the pencil to edit


4. Choose your preferred colour, then click X to close the window.

Customise your category with preferred colours


5. If you have changed the colour of the category all the tasks within that category will also be affected.Changing the colour of your category will change the colour of all tasks in it