Creating a new capture map

Capture maps are a great way to quickly add simple ideas and brainstorm without distractions. This is available in the mind map view on Ayoa Mind Maps and Ultimate. Currently this feature is only available on web-app and desktop. 

Creating a new capture map

1. Navigate to the home page and click 'Create new', then click 'Mind Map' from the top of the drop-down list. 


2. Choose 'Create blank capture map' from the available options.


3. In the next screen you can name your map, add a description and invite other people to collaborate. Once complete, click 'Create Mind Map'.


4. Unlike a traditional mind map, the capture map doesn't have a central idea. Instead, you can add floating bubbles anyway on the canvas. Double click onto the canvas to add a bubble.

5.  You can add separate floating bubbles to the canvas by double clicking.


6. To add a new connected bubble, to an existing bubble, select the existing bubble by clicking it. Then click on the green + icon. You can also use the enter button on your keyboard. 


7.  Using the enter key you can quickly add multiple connecting bubbles.


8. To disconnect two connected bubbles, click on the connected button, then click on the 'X' that appears on the connector. The two bubbles will now be disconnected. In this example you can see that the disconnected bubbles have changed to a different colour.

Formatting capture bubbles

Bubbles can be formatted in the same styles and colours as you can in other mind map styles. 

1. Click on the bubble you wish to format, then click the paint brush to open the formatting tools.

2. The formatting options will let you change the shape and colour of the bubble.

3. If you want to update the formatting for all the connected bubbles navigate to 'Type' then click 'Apply style to children'.

Switching between capture maps and other styles of map

In mind map view, you can switch between the different styles of maps ( Speed Map, Organic, Radial and Capture) at anytime.

1. To switch from a capture map to any of style, option the display options. Then, click on the map style you would prefer to switch to.

2. When switching from Capture maps to a different style of mind map, a central idea will be created from the name of the map, and each key bubble will be added as parent maps, which all the connected bubbles added as child branches.

3. If you switch from a different style mind map to a capture map, the central idea will disappear and each parent branch will be transformed to a bubble, with its child branches and connected bubbles.