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Creating a Task Board

Task Boards are flexible and can be created for anything - from work-related Tasks to planning an upcoming vacation. Keep things simple and think about the Tasks that you have to do today, tomorrow, and over the course of the next week.

To create a Task Board:

1. Navigate to the Home page.

Create your Ayoa Task Board

2. Click "Create new", then choose "Task board"

Click Create New

3. Then, select the style of the task board. 

There is the choice of canvas view, workflow view, or Gantt timeline. Once the task board has been created you can switch between the views at any time.

If you prefer, you can choose one of the templates to start your task board.

Choose a template to start your Ayoa task board

3. A pop-up will then appear, asking you to name your Task Board and optionally add a description. You will also have the option to invite others to the board for collaboration.

Add a name or description to your Ayoa Task Board

NAME: Please enter the name of your Task Board. (For example, 'Work', 'Grand Opening', 'Building Renovation', 'Errands' etc.)

Enter the name of your Task Board

DESCRIPTION: Add more details regarding the board, which can be then viewed in the board settings.

Add more details to your Ayoa Task Board

INVITE Colleagues, Groups, Friends, or Family via email or from your Google Contacts. Type in their name if you have previously worked with them on Ayoa. 

Invite collaborators to your Ayoa Task Board

4. Select Create Task Board when you're happy to proceed. As your Task Board is created, you will be taken to your Canvas workspace, ready to start populating your board with Categories and Tasks.Select Create Task Board