Creating an embedded document- Whiteboards

Add documents of any kind to your Ayoa whiteboard - learn how with this quick guide.


Are you looking to add lots of information, but you want to easily update it without leaving Ayoa? Instead of using a word document you can utilise the white board document creator to add a text document embedded in the Whiteboard that can be edited at any time.

Within this document you can style it, embed images and videos, tables and even mathematical formulas or code snippets. The document can then be viewed in full on the white board canvas, without needing to download it or open it in a new tab.

Creating a new document

1. Open a whiteboard.

Open an Ayoa whiteboard

2. Click on the document icon on the whiteboard toolbar.

Click on the document icon


3. You will be given the option to choose how large you want the document to be. This will be how much space the document takes on the canvas.

Choose the size of your document


4.  Drag the chosen size onto the canvas.

Drag your chosen size onto the canvas

5. Double-click to open up the text pad and formatting options.

Different text options under the A icon

6. The document can be used much like a word document and can be edited at anytime.

The document can be used much like a word document and can be edited at anytime.


Formatting a document

The document creator has formatting options that allow you to so that you can customise it.

You can access formatting options for your text by clicking on the A icon. This will allow you to make your text bold, italicized, underlined, or strikethrough. You can also change the font size, style, and color, highlight text with different colors, and add superscripts or subscripts.

You can undo all the formatting using the last setting when the text is highlighted. 

Using the different style options, you can enhance the look of your document, make it easier to read and reflect your brand.

Formatting text

To change the text layout, choose the paragraph icon, second on the left. There, you will be able to adjust text alignment, add different types of lists, change paragraph format, style, and spacing and add/remove indent.

Changing text layout


Inserting Media into Document

You can communicate more information by inserting images, links, tables or horizontal lines. By combining different styles and adding different media content, you can make dynamic documents and easily convey your ideas.

These can be added when clicking on the plus icon.

Adding images and links under the plus icon.

Locking the Document

If you don't want any other board members to be able to edit the document, you can lock it.

You can lock a document by clicking on it and in the top toolbar selecting the 3-dot icon. A popup window will be shown with a lock option.

You have the option to lock your document

When the document is locked the padlock icon will be visible in the top right-hand corner.

A lock icon will appear when your document is locked


Deleting the Document

1. Select the document you wish to delete and click on the 3-dot icon in the top toolbar.

Click the three dot menu

3. Select Delete.

Click delete

4.  The document will be deleted. If you deleted it by accident, click the undo button as soon as possible.

Click undo if you need to restore a document

Do not close the page before clicking undo. If you close the page before clicking undo, you will not be able to restore the document.