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Custom User Status

The Custom User Status allows users to set their own status to let others know if you are available or busy, as well as being able to to check the status of other Ayoa users.

Changing your user status

The user status is indicated with the dot on the user's avatar:

Ayoa user avatar


When hovering over the avatar it will show the full status with any descriptions.

Hover over avatars to see the user's status

There are 4 basic statuses available: Online, Away, Busy, Offline

Set your status to online, away, busy, or offline


Online and Offline status is set automatically when the user is logged in and active. Away and Busy status can be set by the user.


For each status user can add description:

Add a custom description for your status

You can also choose one of the descriptions provided.

Use a default status message


When setting Away, Busy or Offline, you can indicate when status can be changed automatically after a certain time.

Define how long your status will last


To quickly remove any description and set your status to Online, click the Clear now button.

Clear your status