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Deleting a Mind Map

If you wish to clear up your maps or you have created one by mistake, you can delete the map permanently in the mind map's settings. 


Deletion is permanent and cannot be undone, please ensure that you are sure before deleting a mind map

Delete a Mind Map

1. Open the mind map that you wish to delete.

Open the Mind Map that you wish to delete.


2. Go to Settings in the bottom left corner of the map. 

The settings icon.


3. This will open a menu with the Board Options tab.


4. Click on Delete Board.

Click on 'Delete Mind Map'.


5. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes, delete the Mind Map.Confirm the deletion by clicking 'Yes, delete the Mind Map'.


* Please note deleting a mind map is permanent and cannot be undone. If you don't wish to delete something permanently then the better option would be to Archive the Mind Map.