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Deleting your Ayoa Account

We offer multiple ways of deleting the Ayoa account.


Deleting your Ayoa account is permanent and cannot be undone.

To delete your account:

If you would like to delete your Ayoa account please click on the link below and follow the instructions to proceed:


Deleting an account via web and desktop apps.

You can also delete your account when going to Ayoa Account Settings.

There at the bottom of the Profile section, you will have the Delete button.

Deleting an account via mobile apps.

To delete your account within the mobile app, go to Menu and then click on your avatar.

The new view will open that has the Delete Account option with the trash icon:


If the account has the following status, the deletion won't take place:

- the account is part of the team plan: team plan owner first would need to remove the account from the plan

 the account has an active subscription: subscription needs to be cancelled and wait until the billing period end

- the account has a non-renewing subscription: the billing period needs to end first