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Document view

The Document view gives an overview of your mind map with notes, allowing you to neatly organise your mind map content for further work.

Document view 

1. To open the document view, please first open your mind map.

View of the mind map with the note icon selected.

2. In the top menu, next to the mind map name, you have board headers. Click on the document icon to change the board.

Document icon selected in the top menu.


3. This will open the document view, where branches and their notes will be shown with additional options.

View of the document view


4. In the top left corner, you can access your Idea Bank when selecting the bulb icon to quickly add your ideas.

Idea Bank option.


5. Next to the return button, you can undo/redo the actions by choosing one of the arrow buttons.

Undo and redo buttons


6. To add indent/outdent you can use these buttons.

The indent icon


The outdent icon


7. To add a new branch, select your branch and click on the green plus icon.


8. You can move branches when using the blue icon next to the branch's name.


9. You can choose how the document is formatted when clicking on the Show/Hide icon in the bottom left corner. There, you can add/remove formatting options, such as dots, lines, switches, and highlights.


10. You can export the mind map as a document when selecting the export icon in the top toolbar.


11. There,  you can choose the type file to export your mind map.

You can select from PDF, Text, HTML and Docx.


12. To return to the mind map, please use the mind map button in the top menu.

Selecting mind map icon in the board header.