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We are happy to say that we recently added new features such as:

- Export of mind map available as PDF image or PDF document:

*available on web and desktop apps

- Rich text in mind map view, with option of changing individual word size, colour and style

We have fantastic news ! The organic mind mapping is here! 

User can now create maps that flow across the canvas with branches or box branches:

Also, we have now enabled free account option, so users with a subscription can collaborate with more users.

Moreover, we have added a voting option with a mind map view, so users can give 'like' for a particular branch ( available in the map settings) 

We have now added more sticker so users can create maps with new central idea images:

It has arrived !!! The Gantt Timeline is here !

You can find our helpful guides on how to use the Gantt Timeline on the link below:

*available on web and desktop apps

Also, you can read all about our latest update on our blog:

We have new arrivals to Ayoa, which are:

- new Menu bar with easier access to options and views

- the option of editing comments on tasks and branches 


Calling All Android users !!! Mind Mapping has arrived to Android app !!!

We are delighted to announce that user can now create maps with the Android system:

Let the fun begin! 

More functions for chat ! We have now added attachments with the chat, so users can even easier exchange information.

To add attachments, just simply click on the attachment icon above the text space.

*available on web and desktop apps

Let's chat away !

New update!

Users can now add square as well as rectangle images from files to branches in mind map view on the web app!


The New Task Side Panel is now available on the web and desktop app!

Read all about new tabs and task status on our blog below: 

Have no fear Radial view is here !!!

We have now added the Radial view so you can transform your maps in a new way :

Moreover, we have made some updates to already existing options:

- new side panel look for branches and tasks

- adding links in the attachments

- an easier way of creating new maps


Introducing Public Mind Map Sharing in Ayoa!

The new public share option is now available:

Share your maps with everybody, even if they don't have an Ayoa account.

New Arrivals for the Ayoa web app!!!

- copy/paste option between maps

- new Word export option for maps 

- new cover image location and edit options

- new hyperlink attachment option

- Undo and Redo option (mind maps) 


- background colour for canvas ( mind maps) 


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