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Store tasks/emails chronologically in single task list

When I set up a new task by email, for example by bcc'ing ayoa with a request I send to a customer, I would like to put the response I get back from the customer into the same task - and keep doing so chronologically so I can manage the task until it is fully complete and also to thereby keep a complete record of the task.

Can I do this?


Hi Tim,

I'm afraid this isn't a feature, however, it's really useful to hear how this would work well for you, I have passed this onto the development team!

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,


I drag my emails from outlook as if I were dragging a file. However, it is not chronological and can get messy. My work around is to create a PDF portfolio and then append all other emails to the PDF Portfolio file. I then link to Task.


That is a quite interesting tip and thank you for sharing this.

Kind regards,


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