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Duplicate Task Board

Hallo! I have not come across such a topic... (How) is it possiboe to duplicte a TASK BOARD. I have a uniue structure of one TASK BOARD that I do not want to re-create every time ...?   

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Hi Maciej,

With Ayoa, there is an option of creating templates, so user can duplicate the unique structure of the given task board:

I hope this helps, but if you will have any questions feel free to contact us at 

Kind regards,


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I tried to create a template from an existing task board. The first time I tried to create it I didn't click the SHOW COMPLETED TASKS and it just created a blank task board. When I clicked the SHOW COMPLETED TASKS button, it included the primary categories but none of the subcategories.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Heather,

Please, could you send an email with the screenshots to our support at, so we could help you solve this?

Kind regards,


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