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Changing font and other customizations

Hello, I was looking in the gallery of mind maps shown in Ayoa's website. I saw a really interesting one, called "Human Biology". But I couldn't figure out how the maker of it did some of the things, like:

1. Adding a word under/above the central image, human and biology in this case.

2. Changing the font

3. Placing a video directly into the mind map, instead of as an attachment

4. And other customizations

It would be nice to know how these things can be done. :)

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Hi Mahdi,

Thank you for your interest in Ayoa and mind mapping.

We have located the mind map you are referring to; it was not created in Ayoa and was added in error. We have now removed it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at

Kind regards,


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