Relationship arrows allow connections to be made between two ideas that share similarities on your map.

To Create an Arrow:

1. Select the 2 branches using the multi-select tool or hold CMD/CTRL and select your branches. For more information on this feature, click here.

2. Choose the relationship icon from the the blue multi-select toolbar that will have appeared on your screen.

3. Your arrow will then be drawn between the two branches you have selected.

To Edit the Relationship Arrow:

1. Click on the arrow to show edit menu for the relationship arrow. 

2. To start editing the style of the relationship arrow, click on the paintbrush icon.

3. You can change the way the arrow looks, by editing its texture, size and color. Click on the paintbrush icon on the arrow and select the paintbrush tab in the menu to open the formatting options. 

4. Click on the paragraph icon to add a description to your arrow. This could explain the connection you see between the two ideas. You can also add emojis within the description, by simply clicking the emoji icon to the right-hand side and choosing one from the menu. Click save changes when done.

5. You will see a notes icon appear on the arrow. Simply click on the notes icon in this panel to open the description.

6. To delete the relationship arrow, click on the 3-dot-menu then choose delete.

Start and End Point

1. To edit where your relationship arrow starts and ends, click on the arrow to bring out the icons. Click on the location icon in the middle.

2. The menu will open in this tab and you can see the name of the branches where the arrow starts and ends.

3. To change these, click on the branch name, and choose a new branch from the drop-down.

4. The relationship arrow will then adjust to its new position.