The Home Page


When you open Ayoa you will be taken to the home page, which will be your tool for navigating around Ayoa. Here you will have access to your Mind Maps, Task boards, Folders and archived boards all in one place.

To the left-hand-side, you will see your Mind Maps. Your most recent Mind Maps will be listed. 

To create a new Mind Map click on the view that you would like to start in:

To the right-hand side, you will see your Task Boards. Here, Ayoa has kept a handy log of the Task Boards you’ve been working on most recently - simply click on a Task Board to resume where you left off.

You can create a new Task Board by clicking on the view you would like to start in:

To see all your Mind Maps and Task Boards click on "All"

This will show all your task boards and mind maps with options to search 

The Planner can now be accessed through the menu. 

Click on Menu, then choose "My Planner" from near the top of the list. 

This will open "My Planner".