Unarchive a Task Board

If you no longer require a Task Board to be archived, you have the ability to Unarchive your Task Board.

To Unarchive your Task Board

1. Choose the Task Board you would like to unarchive from the Home Page.

2. Then, select the blue 'Browse' icon on the right-hand side of the page, underneath 'Task Boards'.

3. A pop-up window will then appear. To view Archived Task Boards, select Archived situated within the top right hand corner of the window.

4. A list of your Archived Task Boards will be displayed. To unarchive a Task Board, select your chosen board from within the list.

5. You will then be taken to the Task Board but will have limited access. To unarchive your Task Board, select the Cog icon next to 'Archived'.

6. A pop-up window will then appear. To unarchive the Task Board, scroll down and select 'No' beside 'Archived'. This will remove the limited access and unarchive the Task Board.

7. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to unarchive the Task Board. To Unarchive it click "Ok"