Once you have the main body of your map and have started to format it in a way that works for both you and your topic, you can explore some other handy features that Ayoa has included to help maximize your mind mapping potential. 

Idea bank

Mind maps are a creative space, however, they still need to make sense in order for you to benefit from them. Some ideas will spring to mind but they might need to be organised at a later time. The idea bank will allow you to get these ideas down, ensuring they’re safe and not forgotten. You will find your idea bank in the top left hand corner of your screen. Simply open, begin typing, press enter, and your ideas will form in a list below. You can drag and drop these ideas onto your map when you know where you’d like to place them. Drag onto your central idea to make into a parent branch, or drag onto an existing branch. For more information on how to use the idea bank, click here.


The category feature within mind mapping allows you to highlight branches across your map and place them into groups that share similarities. Some branches may need to stay put when you have created a flow of ideas but there might be connections between multiple branches dotted around your map. To save you chopping and changing too much, a category box can perfectly highlight this grouping. A couple of things to consider:

- You can edit the color and lines of your category boxes to give them a bigger impact in your map. 

- There are no restrictions with naming your categories - they can represent anything. For example, you can have a category called 'priority' to highlight what ideas need to be re-visited, or 'finance' to indicate a department. 

- Although separate, Categories within Mind Maps could represent categories within a Task Board later on.

To learn more about creating categories in mind maps, click here.

Ideas into Tasks

Convert creativity into innovation by turning your ideas into tasks. After you have brainstormed how a project or task might work, application is the next step. Choose a branch and think about how you can convert it into action - your idea may translate into multiple different tasks but don't worry as you can add an unlimited amount. Alternatively, you might find your branch idea explains exactly what you need to do. When you have added a task to a branch, you can add details to it in the task side panel. For more information on the task side panel, click here. So you can see what ideas have been actioned in a glance, you will see a blue tick icon on your branch, with the number of tasks created and completed. To learn more about creating tasks from branches, click here.

Using Auto-Focus and collapse/expand to Present your Mind Map

Re-invigorate your team meetings by presenting your ideas in a Mind Map. By using the auto-focus feature, you can present your ideas in bite-sized chunks. The auto-focus feature hides all but the main parent ideas on your mind map. Selecting each parent idea will reveal the next layer of ideas. When you're ready to move on, click on the next idea. This will automatically hide the off shoots of the last idea.

By hiding all but the ideas you want to talk about, you can methodically navigate around the Mind Map, demonstrating the thought process and development of each idea. Concealing all but the main ideas could also encourage team discussion and development of the idea in directions you may not have considered!