To save time, you can create templates of your most used mind maps so that you can quickly and easily create content.

Creating a New Template

To create a template from an existing Mind Map, first, open your mind map from the Home Page.

Then, open the options menu by clicking on the cog icon on the right hand side of the toolbar.

Once open click on "Create Template from Mind Map".

Choose a name for your template and click "Create Mind Map Template"

The new template will open.

To create a brand new template, first, click on 'All' folder in the Home Page and choose '+New' at the top of the page.

The drop down menu will be shown with the Mind Map Template option.

When choosing the Mind Map Template, a new window will open for you to name your template. Click 'Create Mind Map Template' when done.

You will then be taken to a new mind map where you can start building your map!

Creating a Mind Map from a Template

You can create maps from templates you have made yourself, or choose from a list of pre-made templates for different mind map topics.

To create a mind using a template, first, navigate to the Home page and choose style of the map.

Once style is selected, enter the name of your mind map and click "Choose a template"

Along the bottom, you will see a list of templates. 

To preview a template, click on the 'i' icon on the template.

This will then show a preview image of that template including a brief description.

You will also see templates you have created yourself in the list. Click on one to create a new Mind Map from that template. 

This will open a new Mind Map from the chosen template that you can instantly start editing and adding to. 

You can also create a Mind Map from existing Template, by going to  from the Home page > Templates > clicking on the given Template