Dark Mode

The dark mode option reduces white space on your screen by changing the background from white to a dark grey. Dark modes help to reduce screen glare, increase focus and can help to reduce eye strain. It is available in Organic and Speed view.

To enable dark mode, open up the map settings menu and choose "Enable dark mode" 

The background will be a dark grey and any text will be white.

Click ‘disable dark mode’ to revert back again.


The columns feature is a quick and easy way to adjust the width of your branches on either side of your map. This can help to tidy up large amounts of text in a branch or perhaps show more of a cover image.

1. You will find this feature at the top of your Mind Map work space. The lines you can see represent the current width of your branches in that column.

2. Hover your mouse over a column to highlight it. Green lines will appear down your canvas indicating what branches belong in that column and how wide they are. 


3. Click on the pop-up arrow and drag outwards.

4. This will increase the width of all the branches on that side, allowing more text to fit on one line.