There are 3 main map styles: Speed Maps, Organic and Radial. Speed Maps have 4 different styles choose from; Box map (default), Direction Map, Line Map and Gradient Map.

To change the style of a map from a Speed Map style to Organic, go to the colorful icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

From the drop-down, choose "View as ...".

Then choose"Organic Map".

The Speed Map will now be changed to an organic Organic Map:

To change from an Organic Map to a Speed Map, open the slider menu.

 Then choose "View as..." from the menu.

Then choose "Speed Map"

There are 4 different Speed Map styles to choose from. To change style open the slider menu, then choose "Styles" from the menu.  

You will see the 4 different speed map styles in the drop-down. scroll down to view them all. Click 'Select' to choose one of them.

    Once selected, your map will instantly change to reflect the new style you have chosen.

Box Map:

Direction Map:

Line Map:

Gradient Map:

To change the mind map to a radial map. Click on the slider settings and click View.

Choose Radial Map. 

The Mind Map will now be changed to a Radial Map.