Create a Gantt Timeline to seamlessly manage a new project, or even switch one of your existing Task Boards into Gantt Timeline View. Perfect for easily visualizing your upcoming deadlines in an interactive and adaptable chart.

Creating a new Gantt Chart Timeline

1. To create a new Gantt Chart Timeline, navigate to the Home page.

2.  Choose the 'Create task board' option and select 'Create blank Gantt timeline'

3.  Name your Gantt chart, add any people you wish to collaborate with, then click 'Create task board'.

4. This will open a new blank timeline.

Switching to Timeline from another View.

You can switch to the Timeline view at any time from the Canvas or Workflow view.

1. Open your Task Board.

2. Depending on what view you are currently in, click on "Canvas" or Workflow" in the top right-hand corner to open the view menu.

3. Click on "Timeline".

4. Your Task Board will now be changed to a Timeline view. If your tasks have both start and due dates, these will be automatically arranged across the timeline.

5. If the task has either just a start date or just a due date, you will just see the task name on the timeline. If the task does not have either a start or due date it will not be added to the timeline ( but will be visible in the task list). 

6. You can switch back to the other views at any time by going back to the view menu.