With Radial Maps in Ayoa, brainstorming ideas and achieving your goals is simpler than ever. Give structure to your aims and ideas by presenting them in a visual pie-chart, and easily see your priorities by adjusting the sizes of the segments in your map to signify their importance.  

Creating a New Radial Map

1. To create a new Radial Map, navigate to the main Home page.

2. Choose the Radial style by clicking on the blue Radial Map button. 

3.  Name your map name and choose an blank canvas or a template.

5.  At the centre of the canvas will be your central "segment". By default, the title will be the name of the map. You can change this by double-clicking on the text and typing your new central idea.

6. To add your first segment either click the green + icon, or use  "tab" on your keyboard.

7. To add a segment on the same level, either click the green + on the parent segment ( the inner segment before it), or use "enter" on the keyboard.

8. As you create more layers of segments, the segments on the outer most ring will be slimmer. As more segments are added to the same level, the segments will be reduced in width.

Converting a Speed Map or Organic Map to a Radial Map

You can switch to Radial Map at any time from either a Speed Map or Organic Map.

1. Open your Mind Map.

2. Click on the slider menu in the right-hand of the toolbar,  click "View as".

3. In the pop-up, choose "Radial Map".

4. Your Mind Map will now be changed to a Radial Map. You can change it back at any time in the menu.