Bring your Radial Map to life by adding photos and graphics to your segments. As you Focus in, more of the image will be revealed, perfect for presenting your ideas or even flashcards.

Inserting an Image on a Segment

1. Click on your chosen segment.

2. On the pop-up menu click on the paint brush icon.

3. This will open your formatting options. Click on "Image".

4. You will have a choice between uploading an image from your device, searching for a royalty-free image on Unsplash, adding emoji or your own sketch.

6. Once you've chosen your image, it will be applied to the segment.

7. Click anywhere on the segment to close the formatting tool. 

Removing an Image from a Segment

1. Click on the segment that you wish to remove the image from.

2. Click on the paint brush icon to open the formatting options.

3. Under the image preview click "Remove".

4. The image will now be removed from the segment.