Now you can share your mind maps, even with those you don't have an Ayoa account using a public link. If users want to interact with the map more they can create a free Ayoa account.

 Those with an Ayoa account will be able to vote for certain branches, ask for feedback through branch comments, or even encourage mass collaboration by allowing users to be able to add branches., depending on the options you choose.

This feature is currently only available on the web-app. 

Turning on Public Share

1. Open the Mind Map that you wish to publically share.

2. Click on slider/ formatting icon on the right-hand side to open the Mind Map settings.

3. In the drop-down menu choose "Public Sharing"

4.  Next to "Enable public sharing" turn the option to "Yes".

5. This will create a share link that you can provide to others to view your mind map.

6. You will now have the options to choose what the public user permissions are:

Voting on branches
Allow adding branch comments
Allow adding branches

7. Put a tick in each option that you want available for the public map.

8.  Once you have chosen what permissions you want for the map click "Copy Mind Map Link". You can share this map using any medium you want.

9. When someone without an Ayoa account clicks on the link, they will just be able to the map as a read-only map.

10. If someone who clicks on a public link is signed into Ayoa, they will have access to whatever permissions you have added for that map. 

Turning off Public Share

1. To turn off Public Share, open slider menu and choose "Public Sharing" from the drop-down menu.

2. Turn "Enable public sharing" from Yes to No.

3. Anyone with a link to the mind map will no longer be able to access it.