With the rise in flexible and remote working, communication is more important than ever before. Exclusive to Ayoa Ultimate, the Zoom integration allows you to easily launch a new Zoom call directly from Ayoa, ensuring that your team can still work together as efficiently as possible.

Utilise our other features to facilitate your meetings more effectively.

Have your meeting on Zoom whilst Mind Mapping your outcomes.

Discuss your strategy on Zoom and set out the structure of your project in Workflow

Agree your schedule on Zoom and set-it up on the Gantt Timeline

Create and delegate tasks as you discuss them on Zoom.

* Please note: Zoom meetings allow up to 100 participants for a maximum of 40 minutes unless you have a paid Zoom account. Video meetings are available on the Ayoa Ultimate web app only.

Launch a Zoom call from Ayoa Chat

1. Open Ayoa Chat by clicking the speech bubble in the top left corner.

2. Either create a new chat or open an existing one from your list.

3. Click the video camera icon from the top of the chatbox.

4.  Click "Start Zoom meeting".

5. You will now be prompted to launch Zoom, click "Open "Zoom Meetings".

6. Once open you just need to wait for the other members to join the meeting. If you minimise the zoom window you can view your Zoom meeting whilst still collaborating on task boards or mind maps.

7. If you are invited to a Zoom meeting simply click "Open".

Launch a Zoom meeting from a Task Board

There is also the option to launch a Zoom meeting directly from a Taskboard, thereby inviting all members of that Task Board.

1. Open the Task board, then click on this menu in the right-hand corner.

2. Choose "Start Zoom Meeting"

3. If you haven't used Zoom in Ayoa before you will be prompted to connect to Zoom.

4. Sign into your Zoom account.

6. This will launch the Zoom meeting, inviting everyone who is part of that Task Board.

8. Minimising the Zoom window will allow you to still view the Zoom call whilst continuing to work on your task board.

Launch a Zoom Meeting from a Mind Map

1. Open the Mind Map, in the top right-hand corner open this menu.

2. At the bottom of the menu click on "Start Zoom Meeting".

3. You will either be prompted to connect your Zoom account by logging in or It will prompt you to launch Zoom in a New Window. This will invite everybody that has been added to that mind map. 

4. Minimising the Zoom window will allow you to still view the Zoom call whilst continuing to work on your Mind Map.

Uninstalling the Ayoa Add-on from your Zoom account.

1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the "Zoom App Marketplace.

2. Click "Manage" > "Installed Apps" or search for the Ayoa app.

3. Click the Ayoa app.

4. Click "Uninstall".

If you are having any issues with your Zoom integration in Ayoa please contact support@ayoa.com. Our support hours are 9 am to 5 pm UK time Monday to Friday. We will get back to you within 24 hours.