Create shortcuts to related whiteboards, task boards, and idea boards so you can easily jump between them and know that all elements of your project are safely stored in one space. 

Make important documents easily accessible for anyone on the whiteboard by uploading attachments. The attachments will be added as links that be downloaded from any whiteboard supported device.


How to add attachments to whiteboards.

1. Click on the attachment icon on the whiteboard toolbar.

2. You can choose to upload a document from your device or log into your Dropbox or Google Drive account to upload an item.

3. Choose where you want to upload your document from, then browse to locate your chosen document. 

4. Once you have selected the document, drag and drop it on to your whiteboard


What documents are supported?

Supported document types include .doc, Docx, .text, PDF, CSV and Powerpoint. Uploaded files will not open in the browser, but you can download them on any supported device. 

What is the size limit per file?

Free users cannot add attachments.

For Pro, the limit is up to 20 Mb per file. 

For Ultimate the limit is up to 60Mb per file

How many attachments can I add per whiteboard?

The option to upload attachments is only available to those with a subscription. Ayoa Pro and Ultimate users have no limits on how many different attachments they upload.

Who can download the attachments?

Anyone who is a collaborator on the whiteboard will be able to download attachments uploaded to the whiteboard. 

How do I lock an attachment from being deleted or moved?

Click on the attachment, click the 3 dot menu and click lock.

Locking an attachment will not stop other collaborators from downloading the file. 

How do I delete the document from the whiteboard?

Click on the document, then either click on the 3 dots and click delete


Select the document and tap delete or backspace on your keyboard.