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Exporting a Mind Map as a Word Document

Mind Mapping is a great way to quickly outline your written work. If you want to work on it in more detail you can export the Mind Map as a Word document. Once exported you will have your branches neatly organised in an editable Word document.


By mind mapping different topics and ideas, you can quickly put together the basic structure of your report, review or essay.

Exporting your Mind Map as a Word Document

1. Choose the mind map you would like to export.

View of the mind map.


2. Click on the Export icon in the top toolbar.

The export icon.


3. Select Word and choose different document and citation styles. When styles are chosen, press Export

Export option with Word icon selected.


4.  Once the export is complete, click Open, then choose where you wish to save the document.

Export completed message.


5. Once you open the Word document, you will see that your branches have been exported as an outline.

View in Word of the exported map.


6. Any images and notes you have added to the branch will be displayed with the branch heading.

View of the exported branches, with notes and images.