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Exporting a Task Board as a CSV file

It's easy to share important data about your tasks by exporting the Task Board as a CSV file. This will allow you to open data from your tasks in Excel and other spreadsheet software.


To export a Task Board as a CSV

1. To export your Task Board, first, open the given Task Board and click on the Board Options icon.

Opening the Board Options.

2. Choose the Export option from the menu:

Export button.


3. A new window will be opened, where you can choose additional information that could be included.

Export with CSV option.

4. When the export is complete, click Open to download and save the CSV file:Export Completed window.


5. You can also export task board from your Account Settings. To do so, please click on the Menu button on the left-hand side of the toolbar, then click on Settings and choose Account Settings. You will then be re-directed to the settings page.

Selecting Account Settings from the menu.


6. Once you are within your settings page, click on Task Boards under Ayoa Settings.

View of the settings with selected Task Boards.


7. Under Manage Task Boards are listed all of your task boards. 

List of all Task Boards.


8. Once you have selected the board that you would like to export, you can then choose what you would like to include in the export.

Window with additional export options.


9. Clicking the CSV button will export the Task Board in a simple format that can be opened in spreadsheet software such as MS Excel.

Excel view of the exported board.