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Formatting Organic Branches

If you have chosen to build your mind map using the organic style there are a few extra options when it comes to formatting your branches.

Changing the color of the branch.

1. Select and double-click on the branch. You will then see the formatting panel.

2. To change the branch color, click on the 'Line' button and choose a new color.

Or click on More Colors to use the colour picker:


3. Exit the menu by clicking the X button the Done or by clicking on the canvas.

Changing the Branch Shape

You can choose from a variety of branch shapes to highlight specific branches.

1. Select and double-click on the branch to open the formatting options

2.  Click on the 'Line' button and then Line Shape section.


3. Then, choose which branch style you want by clicking on it.

4. When using a different connector shape in organic mode, you can use the control points to add curves to the branch.

5. Hover over the branch to view the control points.

6. Click and drag the control points to distort the branch.

Adding a Box Branch in the Organic Style

If you want to use box branches whilst still having an organic style, you can change branches using a few options:

- by clicking on the branch and then using Shift+Tab keyboards

- by grabbing the directional icon + Shift button and dragging to the desired location


You can also change box shape style in the formatting settings:
1. Double-click on the branch and to open the formatting options.

2. On an organic branch by default "no box" will be selected under Type settings.

3. Click on your preferred shape.

4. The text will now be in a text box at the end of the branch.