Gantt Timeline View Export

Share your ideas with others and keep everyone informed of project deadlines by exporting your Ayoa Gantt Timelines as PDF images and CSV spreadsheets.


Exporting the Gantt Timeline allows you to share any project goals and timelines with your wider organization, or even use it as part of a campaign report. 

Exporting a Gantt Timeline as CSV Spreadsheet


1. Open your Gantt Timeline.Gantt task board view.

2. Go to the Board Options and choose Export.

Board Options with selected Export.


3. Select CSV and choose whether you want to include the checklists and completed tasks, then click Export.

Export window with selected CSV.

6. The Task Board will now be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet.

View of the exported board as CSV.

Exporting Gantt Timeline as a PDF


1. Open the Gantt Timeline that you wish to export.View of the board's Gantt.


2.  In the top right corner of the screen, open the Board Options.

Board Options icon.

3.  In the menu, select Export.

Selecting Export option.


4. Select PDF and then choose the time range. Once the time range is chosen, click Export.

Export with selected PDF.


5. Once the export is complete, select Open.Export complete message.


6. The PDF will now open, you can either save it to your device or print it using your browser settings.

View of the exported image of the Gantt.