Getting Started With Ayoa Chat

Ayoa Chat enables you to quickly message your colleagues about a task they are working on, create groups to discuss on-going Task Boards and quickly send tasks to team members without ever needing to leave Ayoa, maximizing your productivity.


Hide/ Display Chat

You have a choice whether to display the Chat bar open or to minimise it.

By default, the Chat bar will be minimised. To maximise the full Chat bar, click on the speech bubble in the top left-hand corner.

Your chat bar will now be shown in full.

To minimise the chat, click the ^ icon at the bottom of the chat bar.

The chat bar will now be minimised again. 

Beginning a new Chat

1. To begin a new Chat, click on the blue speech bubble in the Chat bar. This is located to the left-hand side of the screen. You can create either a 1-1 chat or a group chat.

2. Enter either an email address or contact name in the search bar, or choose someone from the contact list below.

3. Then select Start Chat.

4. Type your message and then tap Send to send the message

5. This will create your new chat where you can communicate with this individual.

6. If you make a mistake and need to change something you have sent, you can edit your messages. Hover over the sent message and you will see the word 'edit' appear in the corner.

7. A box will appear around your message and you can edit the text, correcting any typos or adding anything missed. Click 'Save changes' when done.

8.  The edited message will then show in your Chat thread.

Beginning a new Group Chat

1. To begin a group chat, simply add multiple contacts in the same way. You will see a tick next to the contact names and these names will be grouped at the top.

2. The title of the chat will automatically appear as a list of the contact names. To change this title, simply click here and select the tick to the side when you have named the chat.

3. To edit the details of a group chat, click on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand side of the chat window. Here, you can add and remove contacts, change the Chat name and change the Chat Image.

Adding an Avatar to a Group Chat

Once you have created a group chat you can then add an avatar so that you can easily identify it among your chat list.

1. To add an avatar to your new group chat, open the chat, then tap the 3 dot menu and tap  Edit.

2. Tap on the blue image icon, then browse your computer for the image you want.

3. The image will now add be added as an avatar that you will be able to see in the chat list.


If you know you are going to be chatting regularly with a group or with an individual, you might want to add them to your favorites.

1. To add a Chat to your favorites, simply go into the Chat you want to favorite, and click on the star icon located near the top of the window.

2. Once added, this will turn yellow and you will see this star next to the member’s avatar or Chat image in the Chat bar. That Chat will then stay frozen at the top of the Chat bar so it is easy for you see and access.


To receive desktop notifications for Chat, click on the notifications horn in Ayoa. At the bottom of the drop-down you will see a blue banner that says ‘enable desktop notifications’. You might need to check your computer settings first, to ensure notifications are allowed for your browser.

When someone is online, a small green icon will appear above their avatar. When you have a new message in Chat, you will see a small red circle on the avatar or Chat image. This will disappear when you click into the Chat.

Seen Indicators*

Seen indicators let you know when your message has been seen by the recipient. A seen indicator will show itself as a smaller version of that person’s avatar underneath your message.

*Feature coming soon